Firmware version 1 meter cal differences and also remove skew setting

Hey y’all, I noticed that in the 7900//7890/9900/9890 general service manual (2008) it dictates pgpp250 for the 1 meter calibration, but i also have a copy of the 7900 specific service manual (2009) it dictates double weight matte for the 1 meter cal). I’ve got the latest firmware on the printer. Should I get a roll of double weight matte and redo it? I got it to exactly 990.6mm (which is exactly what the 7900 specific manual says) but I’m still getting small banding. I’m trying to adjust the custom media type with pgpp170 (started with +- 0.0 and I’ve been fiddling with it a lot but cannot entirely eliminate it……

Also, i unchecked tge “remove skew” option just for kicks in the custom paper setting and the density changed by .25 OD, along with the banding… should I have this on or off?

The banding also changes as the print moves through… starts with almost none, moves to slightly thicker faint lines, then becomes fine microbanding.

Also… when run on an M1 OS12.1, the last part of the Dmin on a 16bit gradient posterized (clearly defined ~4-5 steps before translucent pictorico base), but does not do this printed via 10.15 on intel laptop.

So many problems plz help :weary:


I did the cal on Pictorico and find it worked best.