Film transport troubles

Hi all,

Having a few issues with the film transport on an epson 3880. I was wondering if there are any fixes.
The film sometimes gets caught as it comes off the rollers in the gap between the front feed tray. I have the front feed switch engaged constantly to bring up the pizza wheels. Also, I’m finding that there isn’t enough for the printer to grip on small sheets of paper when it comes to the last part of the print (once all of the sheet has almost gone through). I have tried taping extra paper to the bottom of the film to give it extra length but sometimes this gets chewed up as its fed through. Is there a better way of doing that? Basically any tips to ake my film go through the machine would be great! Cheers!

Hi there

I have also been struggling with film transport, loading sheets of Pictorico on my 3800
Using Front Manual Feed to bypass pizza wheels works for me
Also the 'Optional step 6" in Keith Schreiber’s excellent instructions also help
Plus taping a strip film over the gap between rollers and front tray also helps
I can post a picture later if that helps?

Hi Neil. I think I understand what you mean but a picture would be great yes. Thanks a lot