filling all carts w/Piezo Flush


As I’ve been not working lately with any of my printers and as I’ve been having to run nozzle check and cleaning cycles and finally as I ran out of inks, would it be good to fill all carts with Piezo Flush to run more cleaning ?




PF is fine. PF + distilled water too.





so let’s say I mix a 50/50 solution (half distilled water and half Piezo Flush) and run the printer will be good. Then what should I expect when I get my inks back in the carts ?

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Look, PF will not dissolve any hard debris that may be present inside of the head-filter on your printer. It works on pigment. But in general piezo ink is very friendly to print-heads (and we sub-micron filter it before bottling) so if you have a clear head it should be good to go with Piezo. Hearing your troubles though I can’t helping thinking something else is going on. . . . .




yes, well, I was hoping to hear something like that, I was rather praying you not to say such but… thank you.

so, in other words, PF won’t wipe nor clean nozzles, what should I use then instead ?

sorry for taking your time with this but am stuck

and thank you




PF uses very specific surfactants that clear pigment if old pigment is clogging nozzles. But if debris is clogging the filter screens of a small format printer there is little that can be done besides taking the print-head out and then manually sucking PF from the nozzle plate back out through the inkjet filters and back through the inlet spikes using our small format flush kit.

Solvent will ruin the glue inside of these heads. They aren’t rated for solvent.



ok, got it, thanks




OK, I ran today several head cleanings after pulling all inks out of carts and filling with 50/50 PF/distilled water solution. A nozzle check after every cleaning cycle as well. All heads seem to be cleared now.

As I won’t be able to use the printer for the next two weeks I’m planning to leave the cleaning/flushing solution in carts. Is this fine ?

Then, when I’m back I understand I’ll have to pull all solution out of each cart and refill with ink, then run a few nozzle checks to make ink to replace the solution, am I right with this or should I have to do something else ?

Thank you in advance





Yes. You’ll be fine. Correct procedure. It can sit like this for a very long time.






muchas gracias