Feeding thin/washi papers

I have just bought some Bunkoshi Select (Awagami) and wondering how to approach feeding it in my printer.

I am printing with an epson 3880.

The edges are not cut neat and I would like to keep them this way.

My assumption is that because of the edges and also how thin it is I would need to tape it to a backing paper, though not sure of how I would go about doing this.

Also I’m wondering how I should set the platen gap.

Any tips much appreciated.


Hi Chris,

You can use some double-sided tape to adhere it to a thin but stiff backing sheet… thin as in regular matte inkjet paper perhaps or something similar… the double sided must not be TOO tacky or it will be both difficult to remove the thin Bunkoshi and or will tear some material off of it when you remove it. 3M commercial division makes such a tape.

You can see how I do this on this video here: https://youtu.be/x5b0ZynKvTg

The platen gap can be changed to medium or med wide as needed.
kind regards,


Thanks Jon, that sounds ideal. I’ll give it a go.

I’ve also had good luck adhering thin materials like silk into freezer paper for support— might work for you as well.

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OOh that sounds good, I’ll give it a try, cheers