Faking/making a new curve


Much as I love the $4-$5 a sheet matte paper for my final product, it’s a bit expensive for the the first one or two test prints, or at least the first “sanity-check” print. Long and short: I’d like to linearize some inexpensive paper for those tests. Right now I have two Red River papers: Arctic Polar white and Aurora Art Natural. These two I’d match up with my final Canson or Hahnemuhle paper.

So, the question is where would I begin with such an attempted linearization? What would folks suggest as a “base” .quad that won’t be too far off for linearization to work?

Yes: I could just try-and-see, but we all know how long that would take, so I’m hoping to shorten the time by simply asking for advice first.



I see you have Piezography K7 Selenium ink on the 79/9900. Is this correct?

If so, I would suggest starting with the new master curves found in the most recent Community Edition install here: http://piezography.com/downloads/piezography-community-edition

For matte: K7-UltraHDMK-MASTER.quad (even if you don’t have UltraHD ink in the black channel and just Neutral1, it’s fine, this is a good starting master)

For gloss: K7-SEL-PK-MASTER.quad (This is for WN1 Piezography PK in the black channel).





Hi Walker.

First, let me thank you for all your efforts, here and on Yahoo et al over the years. You’re a generous man in sharing your knowledge and have advanced mine considerably. Greatly appreciated.

Actually, I use ConeColor with my 9890, and Piezeography with a 3880.

I did see the K7-UltraHDMK-MASTER.quad file, but discarded the thought of using it due to the HD designation. I’ll give it a go this morning. Thanks for the tip.

I’m dying to try the UltraBlack ink, and have to wonder: will making that switch require a relinearization of my profiles? (At least in my mind that’s not as silly a question as it sounds, given that black is black… and I’m uncertain how much the UltraBlack would actually alter the curve.)

Once again, my thanks.



Thanks for the compliment!

The UltraBlack will actually alter the curves quite a bit. It would require a re-lin.






Re-opening this thread because I have a related question:

I notice there are no MASTER curves for the 1400-1430…any plans to generate one? Are the new Ultra Blacks not recommended for the 1430?




(specifically, the HD Matte, obviously)


We will be coming out with a brand-new (to the industry) small format cartridge mold/design of our own specs for the 1400/1430, R2880, P400, etc. After this is in stock (next few weeks), building new masters for the 1430 for K6 (matte) UltraHD-MK is on my list of things to do.




Intriguing! Thanks. -Mike


Not meaning to put pressure on you, but just following up on this…while I am very interested in your new carts, I am even more interested in being able to use HDMK on my 1430… I know you are very busy…I’ve got a 1430 I’m not using to full capacity yet…




Well, the new cartridges we are making for this 1430 printer just passed quality control and we have ordered the first batch.

Our new driver just past “proof of concept” phase. This new driver gets to 5760x2880 dpi instead of QTR’s 2880x1440 and we really believe that good quality piezography prints for gloss paper require that higher resolution. So new masters a bit off the list. We are determining what is legacy workflow and what is new workflow and where to put our energies.

Anyone with PPE can drop HDMK in there and linearize though!




That sounds impressive, congrats on the progress you’re making.