Fail to Linearize My Limited Curve


Dear Walker


I did successfully limited the 79-99-PiezoDN-Master.quad using the method mentioned on page 78 of the manual. But i tried more than 20 times following the instructions from the manual page 80 (Linearize the Quad)…and also follow the instruction as stated in the excel, trying to linearize my limited curve but FAILED…

I have attached my limited curve, txt file and also the -out.txt file generated by QTR for your information. Would you please tell me why i cannot fix it???

Many thanks


251limiter5.txt (4.38 KB)

251limiter5-out.txt (11.5 KB)


The coating was so funky on these targets that I found you need to actually copy the smoothed L* values back into the first L* column (using Paste Special > Values) to “re-smooth” that data a second time. Sometimes even a third time!

The choppy data comes when the top of the target is not the same coating as the bottom of the target. It’s a good indication of either miss-applied coating or a light-source that is giving un-even exposure.