"Exotic" Papers


I have some Washi papers I bought when I lived in Japan…I have 180gm Premio Inbe, 170gm Bamboo, and a sample pack with 20 different papers, some pretty thin. What do you suggest for a starting quad file for these, particularly the thinner papers?

My worry is that the traditional paper profiles will dump too much ink; is there a way to limit the ink flow in QTR that won’t screw up the print?




Hello Mike,

I print on Awagami and even on Xuan paper (very very thin) and it works very well after linearizations of a master curve (PRO K4), the black remains very intense. But if there is a way to limit the ink flow in QTR I’m interested to know too…




better samples on xuan…




If you create a “null” .quad by opening any .quad and turning all the numbers to zero, put this in the “warm” side of the blender tool and put the normal .quad on the “cool” side of the blender tool, this will enable you to limit the .quad on the cool side to your hearts content.




Anthony- thanks, that increases my confidence in using these papers.

Walker-very clever. Makes sense, thanks.