Excel Smoother - Protected Sheet

Running into new problem. Mac version Excel Smoother now opens as both Read Only (which I corrected) and Sheet Protected. the later requires a password - not one I have. Downloaded and reload PiezoDN v 2.2. Problem still persists. Alos, had a heck of a time saving target read out of i1Pro software as LAB onl values in .txt format. Eventually manually deleted unneeded 3 columns of 255-1. Never had this problem before either. FYI OS is 10.11.6 At a stand still with a deadline.

It is sheet protected and you can’t unprotect it - but you can paste into the green cells. The green cells are not protected. Everything else is. Are you saying that you can not paste the Lab data into the green cells of the smoother? Or, have you not tried and assuming you can not because its sheet protected?

Simply make sure you are not copying more than 129 rows of data and no more than 3 columns (L*,A*,B*)

That is the only issue.



I am certain it is my i1Pro software being glitchy again. Have lastest 1.6.7 but given I had to create a workaround its failure to save .txt there is some code line that makes the file more than is visible and could be corrected. Giving up for the night and printing new targets for Colorport. Just stubborn about getting I1 to fully function.

mis posted this reply about 6:40 PM EST. It may not be your tool but a problem created by i1Pro which drops my registration for no reason and creates havoc saving page data. There could be a problem in the saved .txt page data that causes it to fail for direct paste to Smoother. Wont know until tomorrow. Because Jim is here from Havasu to dial in his new PiezoDM with me I had to ask about any issues from your end, too. Thanks for the Sunday reply.

Open the saved .txt data in excel, locate the L* column and copy the 129 numbers from there into the smoother tool.




It also sounds like you have a power issue with the USB going to the i1 (or you have ColorPort open at the same time as i1Profiler). These can drop your license in i1Profiler.



Walker I have absolutely had i1Pro and Colorport open at the same time. That is a useful piece of esoteric information! Great answer, thanks. The other piece that always goes with that sort of answer is - those always come up on holiday weekends.

…or when vast amounts of green chile is consumed; the evidence of which is sent by iPhone to show what I’ve been missing! :wink:

I stand accused of eating massive amounts of green chili this weekend. Guilty. Jon’s exhibit 1 below. Yes, there is a game burger under all that green chili.


Opening the .txt file in an Excel workbook that is unconstrained as a way to clean out unneeded data before going to Smoother is where I eventually arrived; about 4 hours later! Some of us insist on learning the hard way.