Error messages when installing - please help


Hi Walker and others -

I’m new to this system and have been trying to install the PiezoDN program on my Mac. The first time I tried to install by clicking the install 3880 command file in the curves folder, I received the following message: “Unable to create curve folder /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/Quad3880-PiezoDN.”

So I started over, reinstalled, and now it seems to have installed the curves - I can see them under the drop down menu in QTR/Print Tool. But I get this message at the top: “Couldn’t open /Applications/Piezography/Curves/3880-PiezoDN/3880-PiezoDN-Pos-Master.txt for reading: Permission denied”

Is this normal? If not, how do I fix it?





I just downloaded and installed version 1.8 and see the txt file that is causing your problem. Walker means to delete the printer Quad3880-PiezoDN. But before doing that, why not try deleting the txt file file from Applications/ Piezography/Curves/3800-PiezoDN, and running the install command again. I sort of remember this happening before when I accidentally left a new txt file in the curves folder, which should have only quad files, and attempted to install a new quad. If that doesn’t work, then delete the printer in System Preferences, reinstall using the install command in Piezography/Printer_Installers, and then reinstall the curves, making sure the txt file is gone.

Not sure what you mean by access it through the hard drive. This is all on your hard drive.


Thanks, Keith!


Lol - I know it is all on the hard drive. I think what I was trying to say was: If I remember correctly, QTR has copies of things in two locations/folders on the hard drive. I was just making sure that I didn’t need to access it a different way or through a different folder to delete it.


Will give your suggestions a try and report back.


Ah, I see. :wink:

The other folder you are thinking of is MacHD/Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/Quad3880-PiezoDN.



Hmm. This seems like an old .txt file that should have been taken out long ago. There is, however, a curve (.quad) file that is installed.

It could also be an overly restrictive permissions setting on your computer.

I suggest to do the following.

Delete your printer in sys-prefs>Printers and Scanners

Delete the Pos.txt file inside of 3880 (it should not be there sorry).

Plug in your printer (make sure it’s on). Go to the “Printer_Installers” folder and double click the 3880-PiezoDN installer pkg. This will install the curves/printer.

This will fix any permissions issue that can plague QTR.




Thanks so much for the quick response, Walker.

Sorry to sound like such a newb but which printer should I delete? Under system preferences printers and scanners I see a list of Epson Stylus Pro 3880, Quad 3880 (from previous QTR installation) and Quad3880-PiezoDN.

And to delete the .txt file you mentioned, I just go to the Piezography folder through Applications into the folder Curves 3880 and drag the file into the trash? I don’t need to access it through the hard drive or anything, right?

Silly questions, I know, but I just want to make sure I don’t foul something up!