Error message regarding PPDs

This error comes up now when I try running curves install for any PiezoDN printer. <span style=“font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures; font-family: Monaco; font-size: 10px;”>ALERT! **** Printer Description File (PPD) not found for printer 1.</span>

Checked Library-Printers-PPDs-Contents-Resources and all the QTR printers are there as 3kb files (Quad9880.ppd.gz). There are no PeizoDNQuad9880.ppd.gz if that is the problem. Have re-installed QTR, Print Tool and PiezoDN. Have 6 new .qtr curves I need to install. No names longer than 32 characters though some of IJM .quads are longer.

Please tell me what the name of your install command is. This is what is screwing it up.




Install9880-PiezoDN.command under Curves folder 4880-7880-9880. It worked yesterday and I also tried a few other install.command with the same error.

Make sure the install command is located in >Applications/Piezography/Curves/…

If you are trying to install from some other location it may not work.



Walker I did rename Piezography folder to 1 Piezography so it would be at the top in Applications as I am back and forth in it all the time for the next week or so. Did I just make my own problem… Again?

Yup. That fixed it.

I have now happily loaded my new .quad curves.