Epson7880 Ink Low Warning

I am using the Epson 7880 with the P2/DN ink set and I am now getting a Ink Low indication on the printer. I can’t see that any of the inks are particularly low on ink. Do I just take all of the carts out and use the chip resetter?

Thanks for the help!

That’s how I handle it. Not all chips or ink slots count or calculate perfectly. Remember that the printer has no idea how much ink is in the cartridge, it’s running a calculation from images printed - nothing more. I keep a visual connection to all of my IJM carts and mostly ignore the printer’s guestimate.

It’s also a good idea to top off the cartridges when you reset the chips. Of course this is less important with larger cartridges as long as you keep an eye on them an Don mentioned.

Thank you both!