Epson Velvet Fine art Papaer



I’m Davide D’Angelo from Italy, I’m new in Piezography Pro, but quite familiar with the calibration procedure. I’m trying to linearize an Epson Velvet fine art paper with my Epson 3880. The problem is that the print shows dots and stripes only on the darker patches but not on the black patch. I tried to change the platen gap to Widest because the paper is very thick but without success. Do somebody as some suggestions? Thank a lot in advance


Can you upload an image? Also a nozzle check image?





Hi Walker

Here the images!


Yikes. It looks like a massive amount of over-inking + track marks from the pizza wheels on the printer.

You are sure you are printing with the correct side of the paper? And you are printing with a matte ink curve like Hahnemuhle Photo Rag as your starting curve?





Hi Walker,

Over-inking was also my first thought. Yes, I’m using the right side of the paper and I double-checked it more than one time. As a starting curve, I used the Epson HotPress and then Moab Entrada. Now I want to try with Hahnemuhle PhotoRag, also if they have two completely different white point and surface…



I have to apologize, it was my mistake printing in QTR with the wrong parameters. In effect, there was a massive over-inking due to the fact that I used a wrong preset that I created time ago for some test measurement with very poor papers.

Now printing with the right parameters everything is perfect!

Sorry for the inconvenience!




I’m glad it’s sorted.