Epson utility


My Epson 1400 needs a couple of head cleaning cicles, but I’m unable to figure out, how to do that on Mac :-(.I searched internet a lot, but I just wasn’t able to find where I can get Epson Utility.

Thank you in advance,



Hmm, something must be missing on my computer. These are the only options I have under “Options and Supplies”.

On the other hand, I found how to activate head cleaning with printer’s buttons.





Did you install the Epson driver? The Epson Printer Utility is part of that. That is the only reason to install the Epson driver, but it is useful.



Hi Keith,

No I got it in Apple updates. I’ll check the Epson driver then. Thank you.



Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner

Click System Preferences. Then click Printers and Scanners. Select your printer.

Select Options and Supplies. Select Utility. Select Clean Print Heads.