Epson R3000


I just bought PiezoDN and have an Epson R3000 and have ink set selenium method 3, ie x.5 inks.

Can I use the 3880 curves and shifts the curves to get it right?


Bests Christer


PiezoDN uses shades PK and selenium 2,3,4,5,6 and Gloss Optimizer.

However, there is a set of converted Meth3 curves in the Curves folder that will work with your inkset. These special Meth3-PiezoDN curves can be calibrated just like the standard PiezoDN curves.

Please read the manual for more detailed information.




Thank you Walker. I’ll do the home work.

However this time I made it a bit more complicated because I also setting this up in an iMac. Earlier I’ve used QTRRip in a PC together with piezographic selenium inks doing negatives. So there’s a lot to learn.

My intention is to use this together with Pt/Pd and Carbon printing in the end :slight_smile: