Epson R3000 vs Epson 3880

I have been running PPE v2 on a lone 3880 to great satisfaction and was just about to try sourcing another 3880 to help speed up printing.

However I have just been gifted a working R3000 in decent condition.

All things running as intended, should I expect quality of output from the R3000 to match that from my 3880?

Quality is more important to me over having a free machine, so if the R3000 output is inferior in any way then I’d rather try sourcing another 3880 before converting the R3000 to piezo pro.

I’m focusing on limited run zines and books, largely printing matt on uncoated stock of around 120-150gsm, but occasionally also on coated and uncoated ~300gsm art paper.


It has literally the same print head in it!

That’s amazing. Thank you for getting back to me Jon. I suspected that to be the case but just wanted to make sure, and also in case there were any other factors I didn’t know about.

Order for R3000 carts will be forthcoming :slight_smile:


Actually there is one more thing I was wondering - seeing as they have the same head, could I use all the custom curves I’ve already built for my 3880, but on the R3000?

Or should I expect enough machine to machine variance that I should at least do 1 linearisation of my 3880 curves on the R3000 before printing with them?

While the heads are the same, QuadtoneRIP uses internal microweave on the R3000 and Epson microweave on the 3880. This creates different ink amounts and thus the 3880 curves aren’t that accurate on the R3000 and vis-versa. But there’s a lot of R3000 curves available in the community edition.


thanks Walker that’s very useful to know!