Epson R3000 K6/K7 vs PiezoDN



Since last I’ve read the documentation. I know there is a lot of work going on and there are a lot of development going on and documentation isn’t yet complete.

I’d like to check if I understand the ink positions correct.

K6/K7 (which I’ve in my R3000 and spare bottles)

K = Shade #1, C = #2, LC = #3, M = #4, LM = #5, LK = #4.5, Y = #2.5

All are selenium except #1

The new PiezoDN ink (by the way the link at the shop isn’t working for R3000 and negatives)

K = Shade #1, C = #2, LC = #3, M = #4, LM = #5, LK = #6, Y = #7

All are Selenium except #1

When I’ll switch to the new ink I need to buy three new cartridges (with chip for K, LK and Y), as well as ink?

Can the GO be installed in LKK position in R3000? (if so I need one more cartridge with chip)




Put shade 6 in LK, GO in LLK and shade 7 (optional) in Y. All selenium. You will need those three cartridges.

We don’t have a kit available at until I can finish the instructions for this printer but you can simply but the individual cartridges and ink bottles.






Thanks Walker.


ps: I noticed on your Facebook post that the PiezoDN limit target you were printing had a black background. If you read the manual very carefully you will note that you do not need to invert the image for PiezoDN. It inverts to a negative with the special PiezoDN curves files.




Yes I discovered this during the path of my work.

Since I’ve a lot of K6 ink I’ll use the old style for a while. I wrote some scripts in Matlab and reversed the the inks. This gave me first a lot of ink consumption but now I’ve a black background and get a nice transperancy. I also found you’d written to fill out with black when you do the printing. Piece by piece I learning to work in the positive dimension instead of the negative.