Epson R2000 cart not recognized


Not the first time this happens with this printer. Earlier times it was just to take the cart off, clean or rub the chip with a rubber, have it back on to the printer and it started working fine again. Now the thing doesn’t work this way. Was thinking of replacing the chip with the original Epson chip, will this work or not ?
thank you


While it would work I don’t think it would fit on the cart (different dimensions).

It’s important to have backup chips/carts available IMO. These ARC chips don’t last forever although I have my current test set at over 40 resets so far (I do ink R&D on them and use the same set of chips for long-endurance testing).



I had thought of replacing the chips with original Epson chips, I know these are smaller but could be glued or something like that. In the meantime I’m expecting to receive the new carts this week.
Will I be spoiling some other stage in the process of PiezoDN or some hardware ?
muchas gracias