Epson P9000 Print Error


I’ve been printing with the Piezo Pro inks on an Epson P9000 for about a year with no problems.

Recently I started getting the error message, Cartridge Not Recognized, for the Cyan cart. I pull out the cart and re-insert it to clear the error message, but then a print or two later I get the error message again.

How do I fix this problem? Taping shims on the bottom of the cart has not worked.

Thanks, Drew Harty

Is this a low (aka blinking) level cartridge chip?

If so that can happen. If not then this indicates either that something is off in the lock bar that clicks into the cartridge or the CSIC sensor is getting old.


The cart is 75% full, and it is a steady light. The cart locks and releases ok, and the printer is about 1.5 years old.

What do you suggest I try? Replace the chip on the cart?

Thanks, Drew Harty

Its worth replacing the chip with the next in the series.

This happens often with even OEM carts and is a result of the DRM control in the printer.