epson P800

I used the epson P800 printer, Methodology 3, at first,I use 2880super resolution to print without problem. But after printing about 20 negatives, stripes appeared. I change to 1440super resolution to print. Stripes are missing. What is the reason for this? Has Anyone met this problem.sorry for my poor english.

1440x1440 uses 3 different nozzle droplet sizes and 2880x1440super only uses 1 nozzle size. Most likely you have a head slant problem with your printer and the different nozzles sizes fixed the issue.

I’ve seen headslant issues on all three P800s that we have in house for testing.




Thought I’d search to see what experiences people have had with p800 and digital negs. Walker’s above post mentioned head slant issues on the 3 printers he tested. Maybe getting a p800 for DN is not a good idea. Any thoughts? I could get by with a smaller printer, but I like the idea of the large carts, especially since I already have a set.