Epson P800 and Roll Paper - Any Hacks?

Hi - calling out to see if anyone has a hack for using roll paper with the Epson P800.

I have a roll paper adaptor and trying to use it for Pictorico.

Epson now helpfully tells me that thin media (below 250 gsm) is not supported. It won’t recognize that the media has been loaded (unless it is feeding a cut sheet from the auto sheet feed on the top of the printer).

I have tried to attach the leading edge to thicker media, but it does not work because, after each cut, the printer pulls the media back in to look for the lead edge, and when it finds the thinner Pictorico it freaks out again.

The only way I can get it to work is to cut the rolls into individual cut sheets and use the auto sheet feeder rather than the roll paper feeder.

Any ideas appreciated. Maybe I just need to get a better printer.