Epson LFP remote and base calibrations

Hey y’all, so im using a 7900 with 17” pictorico rolls, but also sheets. As mentioned with previous threads, the procedure is basically this:

calibrate in service mode using the 1 meter adjustment using Pgpp250, as all other media types are based on that. Do this three times until it’s impeccable.

Use LFP remote panel software. Do this using OHP Ultra. Custom paper #1 (or whatever, but I’m gonna set it as 1). Set media type to Premium Luster 260Do thickness test (I got “1”, aka thinnest). Paper suction low (like -2), tension high (?), then do media feed test (range -25 to +25). Choose best one, and do it again with narrower range if necessary. Save and accept the media type

Now fine-fine tune the paper feed on the printer in regular user mode within the custom paper setting I selected from LFP to finely control micro banding etc.

It is my understanding that LFP writes your adjustments to the printer itself, and now when I select premium luster media type on any other custom media type on the printer, even when using a different computer, that adjustment will apply. Aka, now if I go to the printer (on the physical panel, not LFP), and select PLPP260 as the base media type for custom paper No. 2, the LFP luster adjustment from No. 1, will be appliedas the starting point. Or so I need to use LFP again and do the adjustments selecting No. 2?

Im wondering because I’ve see a big difference using sheets vs rolls, so wondering if for sheets, I should select something like PGPP170 or something just to make sure it won’t affect the base adjustment for No1.

Banding and ink load deviation and drift has been my biggest issue for DN, so really trying to control this as absolutely as possible.

Thank you!

I guess I’ve always just used a stock paper base (PGPP170) and never done anything with LFP because I don’t want to introduce variables there . . .

It works when using a base PGP170 after the 1 meter cal.


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Thanks walker, I got PL to get a 24” pgpp250 so I’ll do another round of iterative 1 meter cal then try the 170 with tweaking just on the panel and go from there.

Thanks for your time (I don’t know how you juggle all this…)


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