Epson Legacy Papers

How does Epson Legacy fibre stack up against Epson Hot Press? … and Epson Legacy Platine against CANSON Platine?


Epson has a buy 2 get one box free with rebate on Legacy papers - which expires in 2 days.

Epson Legacy papers are simply Canson papers (re-branded). This is the first time Canson has ever private labeled their paper so it is a bit historic but Canson is in a transition now.

So, in short, you can use the following curves for “Legacy” papers:

Canson Platine : Legacy Platine

Canson Baryta Photographique : Legacy Baryta

Canson Edition Etching : Legacy Etching

Canson Rag Photographique : Legacy Fibre

Buying Canson will generally save you 10% to 15% in the long run as the Epson Legacy is generally sold at a mark-up.

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Absolutely. Thank you. The Epson rebate (three for the price of the two most expensive) makes it a good buy.

How is the Baryta Prestige fairing out? Is it going to replace the Baryta Photographique?


It’s a good paper. I think that the surface characteristics may change over the coming years. I think it bleeds a tiny bit with both Pro inks and Epson OEM so I’m working with Canson on fixing this issue.