Epson Filter Failed Error


I’m attempting to print a 51 step target. The Epson Driver QUE is showing the printer as “Stopped - Filter Failed”. I have re-installed PrintTool, QTR, and deleted and re-installed the printer. Corrected names of several .quad curves, and re-installed everything again. Still get the same error.


I’m on Mac OS X 10.11.6. This system has worked under that OS.


I hate to keep replying to my own post, but I’ve taken further troubleshooting steps in the interim. I reset all printers from the Printer Preferences pane. I re-installed all drivers and recreated the Quad3880 Pro printer. Using Print-Tool, I got the same error when selecting the Quad3880-Pro printer. But when I selected the epson driver for that printer from Print-Tool it printed just fine. The issue seems to be focused around either QTR or the Quad3880-Pro printer that was created.


This system printed last night. I began a new profiling run on Legacy Platine. Using Canson Platine as the base, I printed the cool curve patch chart perfectly. When I changed parameters to the neutral curve, everything stopped.



Although I thought I had covered everything I could to solve this, I continued to try other things while waiting for your response.

When I print Piezography PRO inks, I use QTR to blend Cool, Neutral, And Warm curve in positions Curve 1, Curve 2, and Curve 3 respectively. When I linearize any particular curve, I was simply changing the other two curve positions to “NONE”. But I now know I must have a Curve 1 specified in order to use a Curve 2. I assume I also could have changed Highlights, Mids, and shadows to zero on the two curves I was not using, instead of changing them to “None”.


Hope this helps someone else.


Sorry for the late reply. I was traveling yesterday. Looks like you got it sorted!

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Thanks. I had a “Filter Failed” error before, but never knew why it went away. I try to calibrate using exactly the same process as printing. SO I must have changed all the values of Curve 1 and Curve 3 to zero when using curve 2 only. Now I know.