Epson enhanced matt

Hi, tried this one a year ago, but trying again as i have a few rolls and would nice to be able to use this paper for testing or short term display prints.

I am trying this on 1500w with special edition inks. There is a standard quad for an epson paper of same name, not sure if it is the same paper though?

I tried a test print (proof of piezography image) with this standard enhance epson matt quad, but it looks way off on gradients, then tried the custom quad i created last year which i believe i created using hahnemuhle cotton rag uhd quad as base, again gradients look way off?

I then printed the test image on hahnemuhle cotton rag using uhd quad, much better gradients so don’t think it is a printer issue, though definitely would need new linerized quad to get the best print.

Then i printed the calibration image on enhance epson matt using print tool calibration mode.

To me this looks ok.

Any ideas on getting a good print on enhance epson matt, if it is possible?

Here are some photos of prints.


Ok, printed 700 dtp70 target with the installed epson enhanced matt curve and created a new curve, printed out proof of piezograpy image and it looks much better.

Have now printed off a 256 dtp70 target with the new curve and once dried overnight will will put it through the dtp70 and see what it looks like.


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Hi, ok decided to start from scratch.

New dtp 700 target using the default installed epson enhanced matt, dried over night.

The curves on this seem very steep and abrupt?

black reading 18.307 - 1.59

any thoughts?


I think you should be calibrating with this .quad from the Curves-HD folder (on Mac) and Quad1400-HDK6 folder on PC.

14xx-SpecEd-UHD-MASTER.quad (5.8 KB)

Here’s and even better smoothed master version:
14xx-SpecEd-UHD-MASTER-Smoother.quad (6.9 KB)

Great, many thanks will try this one.

Ok tried this new curve, curves are not as steep, will create new curve and try that.

lowest reading

17.581 - 1.62

Be nice to get this paper looking good as i have rolls of it i picked up when buying a printer :slight_smile: