Epson 7880 Stuck in Power Clean Cycle


I made the mistake of running the Power Clean cycle on my Epson 7880 and it gets about 30% done and then starts over. I’ve seen the instructions on how to cancel the inital full cycle, but I’ve tried that twice to no avail… Any ideas?

I thought I would follow-up to my question in the hopes that it might help others. I did recieved offline a suggesiton from one of the users here suggesting to use the same procedure as “Cancling the Initial Fill Cycle”. I had seen that suggestion as will here and other places and I tried it 2 or 3 time to no avail. Out of frustration, I went back to the web and found a guy the suggested during the Power Clean Cycle that if you lift the R and L cartrige knobs at the same time the cycle will run to completion. Problem solved. I hope this helps others.