Epson 3880 head cleaning


I am having trouble with my epson 3880. I have two of them and I am having the same trouble on both printers. I flushed the printer with Piezo Flush, and did a Print test with the piezo flush. The print pattern printed fine with the Piezo flush. Then I installed the Piezo DN-K7 inks and and ran a power clean, but no matter what I do I can get a complete print test. I have cleaned the heads with a paper towel (as the instruction video shows) with Piezo flush. At this point I am just wasting ink. Dose anyone know what else I can do?



Attached is the test print for the Piezo DN-K7 inks


Before you flushed with PiezoFlush were you getting a good nozzle check?




Yes, at first, then I ran out of ink. When I filled the cartridges with ink, the nozzle test was not complete. Then I flushed with Piezo Flush and did a test. The Flush test was complete. But then when I used the ink set, it was not complete.


Here is a test that I did this morning.


The gradation bands of ink between the various nozzles on the check tell me that you have some cross contamination of ink at the dampers. They need to be pulled and put back on.




Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?


Service Manual:


The manual you posted is for the 7400/7800/9400/9800.

Can post a manual for the 3880?






Hi, piezography. Can you post a manual for the 4880?


This is the 4880 field repair guide:


Thank you !!!


Hi walker,

Do you also have the 7890 manual?