Epson 2880 nozzle check

Hi, everyone.

I recently purchased an Epson r2880 to replace my old r2880 (the printer head was kaput on it).

I did a thorough cleaning of the printer as detailed in the video for cleaning small format printers.

I installed the Piezo cartridges, let them settle, and then did four head cleanings.

When I did a test page, the Yellow (Shade 7) and Cyan (Shade 2) checks came out very faint. The lines are there, just not as string as the rest of the heads (save for the LLK head which his the Gloss):

[attachment file=27070]

Here’s a close up. You can see the faint lines in Y and C:

[attachment file=27071]

I did an Auto Nozzle Check and Cleaning as well and got the print out in the third attached image:

[attachment file=27072]

Any of you with a r2880 and doing PiesoDN, can you let me know what your nozzle checks look like?

Thanks very much.







Are you positive that your Cyan cart really has shade 2 in it? Maybe Im wrong, but I would think that your Yellow cart is fine with shade 7, but that you filled Cyan cart with a shade other than 2. Whatever is printing in the spot you’ve labeled C is not shade 2. Shade 2 is dark ink.

Also, where is your Light Black?

Thanks, James - you’re right, I messed up the images, above. Here’s the correct set of nozzle checks:


[attachment file=27076]

So - PK isn’t printing very heavily.

Y and M are pretty light as well.

I double check these things though - so I’m sure I didn’t fill cartridges with the wrong ink.



I see what you did. Epson doesn’t print the nozzle check in the same order as the carts are loaded. So on the picture of your nozzle check:

LLK is actually the yellow cart, which has shade 7

VLM is actually the magenta cart, which has shade 4

LC is actually the cyan cart, shade 2

LK is actually your PhotoBlack cart, shade 1

PK is actually your light black, shade 6

C is actually your light cyan, shade 3

M is actually your light magenta, shade 5

Y is actually your gloss.

7,4,2,1,6,3,5. where 7 is lightest ink and 1 is darkest.

So, provided all the lines look good, you are in great shape.

Well - that’s great to know - thanks very much, James. I had no idea that the inks don’t lay down in the same order as the cartridges.

Much appreciated.