Epson 2880 Front feed print quality

I’m in the process of putting my Epson 2880 back into service using the Piezo Pro gloss ink set. I can use the sheet feed and the print quality is fine except for wheel marks. So I tried using the front feed and no matter if I use Canson Baryta paper or matte paper the ink looks like like its printing ink where it should not. Please see the picture for actual print out from the front and sheet feeders. Any idea what is going on. Also is there a way to adjust the platen gap on this printer since there is no on printer screen.


Front feed will not work with R2880 and quadtonerip . . . You need to only sheet-feed it but that will work ok even with thick paper. Just make sure to curl the leading corners away from the print-side a bit before feeding in the paper so the head does not strike.