Epson 1430 with CISS nozzle clogs and air in tubes

So I recently setup a brand new Epson 1430 with the PiezoDN CISS. My nozzle check with the epson inks was perfectly clean. I followed the instructions on the CISS and the nozzles clogged immediately. It took seven cleaning cycles to achieve a clean nozzle check. After a week I noticed air in the CISS tubes and the nozzles were once again clogged. It takes me several cleaning cycles or printing multiple prints before the head is clear of clogs.

I have the CISS sitting up on the box it came in. Does it need to be higher? It’s kind of a bummer as I haven’t made a single neg yet.

This most likely needs to be higher. This is a “gravity-feed” CISS, so it really needs to be at the right level.

Doing 1 clean and letting sit for 15 minutes seems to work.

Also I’ve found that even when a nozzle check does not show fully clean, it will still fire and print the nozzles.


Thanks. I’ll try the CISS at a higher level.