Epson 1430 star wheel removal advice please


The new program is working very well on my Epson 1430. It’s a great thing to have done for the Alt process community. I have read the instructions for the 1430 on how to remove some of the star wheels but am still unclear on how to proceed as they seem to have a coiled wire running through all of them. A service manual I tracked down wasn’t clear but seemed to imply a major disassembly was required to get at the star wheels and that looked pretty challenging .

There is a YouTube instructional video coming but a few more written instructions or the YouTube video would be appreciated when you can fit this into your work schedule. best wishes Julian


You will need needle-nose pliers to remove all of the star wheels but the first and last ones (right-most and left-most in the printer).

These black plastic base-plates holding the star-wheels need to be taken out first before you remove the star wheels. Otherwise it’s hard to get all the spring wire out!

Yes. Video is coming. Sorry for the delay.