Epson 1430 CISS and Proof of Piezography Test Print


So I’ve setup my Epson 1430 with the PiezoDN CISS. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with clogging nozzles and air in the tubes. It seems that by raising the height of the tank that has solved the issue with air in the lines, however I continue to have massive nozzle clogs now I am having other issues. I’ve been using the Proof of Piezography test print just to run ink through the head instead of cleaning it multiple times. In the beginning the image would print with smooth gradients and appeared fine. Now when I print it the highlights are printing with blacks and the step wedge is all over the place. Please see the attached images. One person I spoke with suggested that the black ink was mixing in with the Shade #6. I don’t understand how that is even possible and if it is how to go about fixing it.

Image #1 is what my test image looked like a week or two ago. Image #2 was how it printed earlier today and image #3 is my last print. I’m also see a huge increase in the warmth.

Any suggestions would be great.





Private Message me your order # and we’ll get a set of MyINK refill carts out to you as a variable test.

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FYI. #3 looks correct.