Editing Curves

I’ve got a 3880 with a clogged PK nozzle. I’m looking at page 63 of the Piezo Manual and would like to confirm how I turn off the PK channel and utilize the Y channel (donor channel).

Do I simply duplicate the quad file. Then open the quad file, swap the code under K curve with the code under the Y curve?

From there, do I follow the instructions on page 64 to linearize the .quad?




You are correct!

Here’s the P2 (remapped) curve.






Thanks Walker.

Got another question. Regarding GO, page 75 of the manual says that “The Gloss Optimizer hardens the film and keeps it from getting scratched when you expose!”

Up until now, I have used clear mylar bags to hold my negatives during printing and for storage. Does the GO provide a reasonable level of scratch protection during printing to allow me to forgo the mylar bag?



I would say it’s not quite as good as optical mylar but when not using mylar it gives you better focus.