DTP70 colorport Issue

Hey, I’m having an issue with the DTP70. After much futzing, I got it to work on Windows XP, and it was going great for many months, but I just installed Monaco Profiler 4.7 in an effort to try to profile our iPF8400 better (whole other bag of worms), and now the DTP70 rejects the patches. it connects, light is green, insert Piezo 512 patch page, press green button as usual, sucks it in/out as usual, thinks about it for like 5 seconds, then spits it out and the light flashes red. I deleted the DTP in device manager, reinstalled the DTP driver, but issue persists. Walker, could you send me the driver you’re using? any other suggestions? uninstall monaco I guess?


I just use colorport which should be importable to Monaco. TBH it’s been since 2007 that I used Monaco.


I know, I’m using colorport, and thats what was working before, so I don’t get it : / what system are you running the DTP on? could you send me your driver?

Mojave. Update XRD and re-install colorport (most recent version) all from Xrite.


I have not had success updating XRD to the latest version when running colorport. Very much the opposite. To get colorport working on Mojave I needed to start with no XRD installed and then install the last colorport version (2.0.5 iirc) and let it install is needed XRD.

I get sometimes using colorport on mac, seems the DTP70 is fussy when is comes the paper size and how is it fed in.

I have found that reducing the top margin so the patches are closer to the top helps with this issue.

Also make sure it clean in side, use air can.

Not sure if you got it working, but my experience may help.

I originally ran my dtp70 via my hackintosh workstation, and all was ok, but then a tree fell on my house and garage office forcing us to move out.

At this point i started using my mac boo pro, and this was all ok.

Recently I finally got my garage office back up and working and had done a fresh hackintosh install. Using the same cable that worked fine on my mac book pro i plugged in the dtp70 into the usb 3 port on front of computer which is an addon usb panel.

When i tried doing a scan with dtp70 i keep getting failed scans as you describe, when i plugged the dtp70 back into my mac book pro the scan work perfect!

I have yet to try the dtp70 in another usb port on my hackintosh workstation to confirm a usb port issue, but may be worth trying yours on another machine?

sounds like you need to update your USB kext stuff to get the correct driver support for USB-3/2. Often there is 1 port directly on the actual motherboard that will bypass all the crap introduced by the external USBs.


An update to my issues, usb kexts all good.

The issue is cold, my main workshop is converted garage, which gets colder than main house at night. This means the dtp70 gets cold, and it does not like this, once workspace is warm the dtp70 works fine, if I warm it up in front of heater it works fine, but when cold it always fails to start a scan.

When using dtp70 on mac book I would move dtp70 to house where it was warm, hence it working ok then.

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