Dropping .txt and .quad onto droplet does not produce new lin.quad file


I’ve downloaded the 51 step CGATS file from Google Sheets and renamed it to .txt. It is in the same folder as the original .quad file. Selecting them both and dropping them on the QTR-Linerize -Quad droplet produces the -out.txt file but does not produce a -lin.quad file.

Need some help with a solution.


What does it say at the very bottom of the -out.txt file?

Also, please compress (.zip) and upload the .quad and .txt file.




Dear Frank. You sent me your files by email.

I think that you simply did not have “write” permission in the folder that you were trying to linearize the .quad in.

Drag both the .txt and .quad to the desktop and do this procedure again. It should give you a -lin.quad at that point.





Hi Walker,

I encountered the same problem and only getting the -out file. There’s no -lin.quad file after dragging both files into QTR-Linearized-Quad.exe. I’ve also checked into the folder permission, and there’s nothing wrong there as I have full access to the folders including Desktop.



Sorted out the problem…I copied the QTR-Linearized-Quad.exe out of the QuadtoneRIP >> EyeOne folder and placed it with the txt and quad files. Shouldn’t have done that.


Now it works.