Downloads Page for targets


Hi Walker,

I am looking for the downloads page that was shown at the recent workshop - where I can download the targets that I will need for Linearizing my 7900. I did purchase the i1 Pro 2. Dana did show us the page, however I did not see how to access it and I cannot find it. Any help (link) would be appreciated.

Tom Gibbons



They are part of the PiezoDN download. Go to Applications/Piezography/Images/PiezoDN_Targets/i1Profiler.

Keith (another beta-tester)


That folder location that Keith mentioned is built for i1Profiler software and no ColorPort (like we did in the lab).

If you want to use ColorPort you can find the target to print in Applications/Piezography/Images/PiezoDN_Targets/ColorPort (use the 129 step i1Pro target). You can also use target manager in ColorPort to import the .xml reference file into ColorPort so you can actually read the target. The .xml file is in the same folder as the target .tif and has the same name (except for a different extension).