Dormant for Four Years.. PiezoFlush Works!

Just wanted to share a story. When I purchased my Epson 1430 printer, I bought a second one as a spare. Because it was Epson refurbished, I tested both of them. Then I bought a set of cartridges, filled them with PiezoFlush, flushed the second printer, left the cartridges inside and then stored it (climate controlled).

Four years later, I pull the printer and three of the cartridges were empty, the rest had a few dribbles of PiezoFlush inside.

Re-filled the PiezoFlush and ran a nozzle check. Three missing lines. Two cleaning processes and an adjustment and it’s perfect. I have to say that this was a big worry for me, Epson printers clog hard if you even look at them wrong, but PiezoFlush did it’s job. Four years and I can’t be happier that technically a ‘used’ printer with a print head full of something other than air was ready to go.