DNS error / Unable to send data to printer


We’ve been having errors printing on our 9900 today. When sending a job to print, it will start up and then halt about 20% of the way through the print. When looking at the QTR error log, we get these messages:

[14/Jul/2017:11:45:01 -0700] [Job 168] Unable to send data to printer.

E [14/Jul/2017:11:48:49 -0700] [Job 169] Unable to send data to printer.

E [14/Jul/2017:12:17:53 -0700] [Job 170] Unable to send data to printer.

E [14/Jul/2017:12:19:54 -0700] DNS Service Discovery registration error -65563!

Our setup is: Epson 9900, PiezoPro inks, Print-tool 2.1.1, OS 10.10.5, QTR 2.7.7, hooked up via USB.

Anyone else had this issue?


I assume you are printing directly from the computer that is connected via USB?

And the USB cable is connected directly to the computer (not a USB hub)?

Did you re-install QTR, etc, and try again?

The DNS discover registration error is a network issue. If you are printing from one computer through a shared printer on a “print server” than it could be a networking issue in the room.