DN, SE inkset and black matte


I’ve “upgraded” to Pro ink for a new printer, which leaves my 1430 available for PiezoDN. However, I also have a bunch of Piezo SE ink, including Matte Black. So, 2 questions:

  1. Will matte ink work in DN? Will I not get very good highlights as a result?

  2. I know any Piezo ink set will work with proper profiling, but is there anything I should be aware of that’s different with the SE inks? Since they have a mix of different base inks, I’m wondering what effect that will have on the final print, if any.




Selenium is actually the base inkset for PiezoDN but in general, because everyone is calibrating for their own darkroom environment, any K7 inkset will work. It has to be Photo Black for the digital negs though, MK won’t work.





OK, thanks Walker.