DN LInearizations adding tone to black point

My DN linearizations are printing negs with some tone in the areas that should be clear. The tone will be preventing me from achieving max Dmax at my standard exposure time.

Walker - this is very similar to what was happening in my previous post where the neg was not printing enough ink for the highlights. You fixed the problem by copying in the first line of each channel from your master curve into my curve and smoothing the resulting curves.

Is it possible to do the same again for the last line of each channel? In my curve, the Y channel and LC and LK channels all have non-zero values in the last line. I can see a thin warm tone on my negative in areas that should be black on the print.

You can see it here in the screenshot of the curve you corrected for the highlights - several channels hit the Y-axis at a non zero point.

I’d be happy to give it a go - could you clarify the process?
Copy a zero value into the last line of Y, LC, and LK channels
Use the original curve as the starting curve and put this new adjusted curve into the curve blending tab. Set the blending amount to be say 25% only in the black end. Smooth the channels at 100%. Copy the resulting new curve.
Repeat a few times until those channels have a final value of zero.

Am I getting close? I don’t want to trash my curves completely by doing the wrong thing.

Many thanks!

please save and .zip and private message your linearizer to me with the curve and measurements added. I need to see your settings