DN and Selenium Inks on 3880


Looking for some clarity on the “standard” DN setup with Selenium inks. Are the distributed curves for the standard PK or for the UHD Pk? I read the readme but am not seeing a named HD curve, so asking.

I am using a full set of traditional Sel positions with MK/PK swapping (not P2). However I have the new blacks in both. In the past I’ve used my own curves, but am recalibrating for the DN process and testing some media. Should I just be making my own (going to Ziatype at the moment). I don’t mind going back to the historic PK as I have plenty left!

The test between Pro ink on a 9900 and the Selenium on my standby 3880. I don’t have a very close match using the standard curves in each - so was suspecting my PK setup on the 3880. The 3880/Sel version is flatter contrast wise and thus lacking some blacks. Both negatives were printed on the same test sheet.

The 9900 with the Pro Inks is giving me pizza wheel marks - but I think there are more than enough posts to get me started on solving that.



Hey Scot. The curves should work with either PK-HD or the older WN-1 style PK.

The PK-HD is a much more modern carbon particle (less settling) so I recommend using that. You will need to calibrate.