Digital negs from PiezoPro K5 ink? Not PiezoDN inks

I bought the PiezoDN kit for a 3880 printer back in 2016. I never installed the inks because I heard that piezoPro inks could work using an epson 9900 and I’d rather use a bigger printer so that I could produce larger negatives. The documentation I have for creating a DN is from 2016, and I assume that PiezoPro K5 might have a different workflow? If it does where can I find the materials for the Pro workflow, and also I assume that those unopened DN inks from 2016 are useless at this point.

Another question I have is there a qualitative difference using PiezoProK5 versus dedicated PiezoDN ink sets? Which makes a better negative?

The PiezoDN negs do not use or need the very light grey inks so they have always been K4.

The workflow from a print/calibration standpoint between “classic K7” PiezoDN and Pro PiezoDN is exactly the same.