Digital Negatives with Piezography pt/pd switch method 3 to PiezoDN pro V1

If I compare the result of PiezoDN with Method 3 and with the new PiezoDN (version1 ), I still don’d reach the same quality in contrast in the print. I use standard profile with an EPSON3880. I attach the ICC profile to the tiff file in and print with QuadToneRip, applying the Curve1 3880-PiezoDN-PtPd. If I compare the result it seems to have less contrast starting from the same picture.

Do you have any suggestion how to modify the output profile in order to optain the same standard result as with method 3 ?
I don’t like to manipulate too much on computer and I would like to find more a standard approach.

I think your assumptions about how PiezoDN is supposed to work are maybe influenced by how the older Piezography Digital Negative system (Pre 2016) worked. You need to calibrate PiezoDN with a spectrophotometer. Then it will be entirely linear without any adjustment needed in Photoshop.

Manual: (specifically read the overview section). A spectro really is required.


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Well, I didn’t wanto to buy a spectrophotometer, but if it is necessary I will do that.
From Xrite I didn’t find what do you suggest. I find the 1I Photo pro 2 / 1i Basic Pro 2… what is the exact model that you use ?
from datacolor Spyder Print will be enough ?

Spyder is perfect .


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