Dig Neg: Getting back in after haitus


I’ve been out of the DN process for the last 10 months, and am wondering if I need to download anything new to create DN’s using an Epson 1430. I process print onto Arches Platine. (It feels like I’m starting from the total beginning!)

Robert Mang


No, you don’t need anything new (the PiezoDN workflow is still the same just the PPEv2 (Piezography Professional Edition) tools also calibrate PiezoDN if you have those too). The curves I shared on this forum a few days ago have a new master for the 1430 that might serve you well. They will come out in the next version bump of PiezoDN (2.6)



OK, thanks. I’ll be digging in…


When I print a DN of the 129-Step, should I use the PiezoDN-Master.quad that is inside the Curves-PiezoDN-Selenium.zip file?


yep. that’s the one



I stumbled on this post and see that you have attached new curves for several printers. When you say “1400 through P9000 printers” that would seem to include P400, but I think P400 is an “R2000 style printer,” so maybe it does not.

You also mention PiezoDN v2.6. I have never updated my PiezoDN since I installed PiezoDN-Windows almost a year ago. I never updated it because I was not aware that new versions were being created. Sorry I can’t tell you what version I have. There’s no manifest in the zip file.

The same issue exists for QuadToneRIP. I have never updated it since I installed in in early 2018 because I have no way of knowing if new versions are available. My version does not have a ppd file for the P400.

I am still hoping to see new curves for the QuadP400-PiezoDNP2 print model and a ppd file for the P400. Meanwhile, I continue to use the curves in the QuadR2000-PiezoDN-P2 print model.


You’re fine John. Don’t worry. You’re up to date.