Determining Ink Limits and Optimizing DMax


Does anyone have a good method for determining ink limits and optimizing dmax with PPE v2? I’m trying to figure out a good way to create a target to print a scale of densities that I can correlate to the ink limiting option in v2 (much the same way as the old QTR workflow with OEM inks). This way, I could determine ink limits and optimize dmax by simply printing out a target, measuring, and plugging that information into the ink limiting portion of the tool, rather than having to create multiple curves at varying ink limits and printing multiple targets and measuring them.

Any thoughts?




If you mean that you are looking to find the optimal over-print ratio between shade 2 and shade 1 (because this always creates the most dMax) this is actually variable from paper to paper.

In my curve creation work, I’ve used shade2 and black rising “random” curves to sample 256 different combos at a time. (see attached)

However, if you are simply looking to limit the curve to the darkest dMax using PPEv2 print the 256 step target, measure it, and plug it in. If there is a reversal at the end due to over-inking the PPEv2 will automatically chop off the offending black without you having to do anything. This is one of those features that I will make a video about but in general I want people with old inky printers to get a good result out of the bat without too many nobs and twists. If you want to manually determine this chop-off, go to the bottom and manually correct the falses and then set your shadow start point to the darkest dMax (aka, 3 for 3 patches from the last darkest patch if that was the darkest dMax).



Walker (4.83 KB)