Dead channel .quad tool?


Before I start manually rearranging my .quads ink positions for the pro inks to get around my dead LC channel, was I to understand there is a tool to make this easier?


Working on it. It will be available to PPE customers.

That said, it’s very easy to simply copy-and-paste the channel information from one channel to another.

Let’s say you want to map LC to Green. Simply open the .quad in a text-editor and copy the 256 rows of numbers under “# LC Curve” and paste them over the 256 rows of numbers under “# GR Curve”

Then replace the 256 numbers under # LC Curve with zeros to cancel out that channel. There are lots of channels in each quad that have 256 zeros so you can copy from any of those blank channel and post of the #LC Data.

There’s a description of this in the manual that we will be added to extensively when the re-mapper is published.