curves for Epson Exhibition Fiber


I don’t see curves for Epson Exhibition Fiber installed in my Applications/Piezography/Curves folder under 3800-3880-Pro (or in QuadToneRIP curve options). The only Epson curve is for HotPress. However on the Supported Papers page it definitely says this one is supported in Pro, which I assumed meant that curves for it were included in the distribution. I did install the Community Edition (and Pro of course). I’ve printed with Canson Baryta Photographique so far, and now want to compare it with Epson Exhibition Fiber.

If there are no Pro curves for this paper, which one is a good starting point?

Somebody mentioned “Hahnemuhle Pearl” as a good match, but there are three different Hahnemuhle Pearl curves in the distribution (FAPearl, PhoRagPearl, PhotoPearl).


Found this post over on the main forum about lack of Epson curves – that’s where I remembered the “Pearl” comment. I took a wild guess and used the “Hahn-PhotoPearl” curves. If a curve is not actually part of the distribution, I don’t think it should be listed on the Supported Papers page. Although I suppose you could say something like “use the ____ curve with this paper”.

I did a test of Canson Baryta Photographique with the 51-step target, using both 100% Neutral and 100% Cool. Measured with i1Pro v1, and the curves look pretty close to linear right out of the box. Also printed a couple of test images split-toned with different combinations of Neutral and Cool.

GREAT JOB, InkJetMall – the new Pro inks and tools and documentation and software installations are a huge step forward from when I started with K7 in 2014. The split-toning and mixing of Warm/Neutral/Cool curves in QTR is intuitive and works great. FINALLY I can get rid of the slightly warm cast of my Neutral K7 inks. I realize that by going cooler rather than “learning to love the carbon look” I am losing some longevity, and I’m OK with that. I have always wanted my prints cooler, and now I finally have that option with Pro. The integrated gloss printing in Pro is also much easier and faster than before. And it’s fantastic having a standard recipe for linearization and making ICC profiles for soft-proofing with any paper – thank you, Walker!