"Curve Twitch" Issue with alt processes

Hey guys, I know I should have limited this curve less, but I find I often see this to some extent on many alt pro curves I make. Shade 1 seems to have this little notch in it, what’s up with that? Think it’ll effect tonality poorly?

700 step chart
kallitype, revere plat rag, 70rh, B&S Kallitype chems, fumed silica, rochelle/sodium citrate dev, no toning.

All files attached.
This is the curve: PDN_SFZ_KALI_Revere_150u_70rh_200606.quad
linearized from this curve (attached) PDN_SFZ_KALI_Platine-F_2ml-FS_85u_Lim4.quad

PDN Issue.zip (403.9 KB)