Curve Adjustment Problem

I have some problems with the standard curve for my P400 printer using P400-P2-PiezoDN-PtPd.quad. So, I used the PiezoDN limiter target (printed, developed and dried). From this, I needed to adjust the quad file to a new limit number of 237. So far so good. I created a curve in Photoshop and transferred the values to the Piexography_Curve_Adjustment spreadsheet. I’ve a screen shot of this sheet attached. I then took the CGATS sheet and copied and pasted to a new file.

When I selected the Master quad file and the txt file and dragged these both onto the QTR-Linearize-Quad droplet, the resulting file is some file-out.txt. When I look at the file, it doesn’t show any problem at the bottom, so I have no idea why this droplet isn’t creating the quad file as expected. The txt file is also attached.

What am I doing wrong?

somefile-out.txt (11.4 KB)

I think this was answered on another thread.

TLDR: Drag both files to a folder that you have read/write access to before dragging over the droplet (aka, the desktop).


That’s what I discovered. Thanks Walter.