Cumulative UV Exposure Measurement Instrument


I recently attended the PiezoDN workshop. It was great, but due to the fact that I take lousy notes, I don't remember the make & model of a UV Exposure measurement instrument that was shown to us. This unit measures the cumulative UV Exposure and seems to be of great use when changing light sources; from Metal-Halide to Black-Light to LED to Sun-Light...

Would some one remind me of the make and model and of the measurement we were usingon the NUARC Flip-Top unit?




I’ve finally received my Light Measure PPM-2 and am getting ready to experiment. As a starting point I’d like to use the dosage that I was introduced to at Cone-Editions.

Would you remind me of the SED count that we used during the PiezoDN workshop?



We did 129.5 unites at IJM. This was no LUX though. The lux amount was 2554.5 but this was a “doped” mercury halide bulb so may be different than others.





Thanks Walker.

You mention “<span style=“color: #5b5b5b; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 15.6px;”>We did 129.5 unites at IJM”, which was the reading on the NUARC Exposure Unit and you mention," </span><span style=“color: #5b5b5b; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 15.6px;”>The lux amount was 2554.5". But, these don’t relate to the “Dose” number on the PPM-2. Do remember what the dose reading is?</span>