cresting jpegs that look like the prints


I have created a portfolio of prints with PPro and they are based on split-tones. How can i create a jpeg that can be used to share with others for submissions, for example, that look very similar to the prints?


Hi David,

You can do it that way :

  • Print 21 patchs target with your split
  • Measure this target then create an ICC RGB
  • Convert your file into the ICC profile then convert to SRGB (for standard viewing).

It should give you a good match to the print, without the “simulate paper option”, if you want to save the “simulate paper” option you need take a screenshot of the soft proofing on screen.

I already discussed this with Walker, there’s no other way to get the “simulate paper” effect, you can also convert your photo with the ICC then create a curve that lighten the dark and darken the white to simulate the paper.



Thanks, Frankie. I will see what approach best conveys the tonality of the photos.